Plan your Money and Thrive in 2024!

Aimee Williams, ICAN Thrive Money Mentor We know that life throws us many curveballs, but if we were to create a well-thought-out plan, we could turn those curveballs and scary expenses into smaller and… Read more »

Dealing with the Aftermath

As flood waters recede throughout Tropical North Queensland, thousands of people have been left to mop up the pieces. Financial counsellors and capability workers play a major role in supporting people to get back… Read more »

Recycling, Refunds, and Raising Money-Smart Kids

In the magical land where recycling meets refunds, and pocket money teaches lifelong lessons, parents have discovered a treasure trove of opportunities to impart financial wisdom while saving the planet. Enter the dynamic trio:… Read more »

Yarnin’ Money Tips and Tricks

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Youpla Interim Scheme Extended

First Nations consumer advocates from the Save Sorry Business Coalition have greeted the announcement that the Federal Government will extend its Interim Youpla Scheme with a renewed call for establishing a fair and culturally… Read more »

Financial mentor service launched in Cairns

Yarnin’ Money Mentor: Service Launch We are thrilled to announce our new initiative that embodies our commitment to empowering First Nations People and fostering financial wellbeing. The Yarnin’ Money Mentor program is a comprehensive… Read more »