Financial Counselling is an essential service that is free for people experiencing financial stress. It can assist people in many ways and can alleviate immediate anxiety and stress, particularly when people are being harassed by debt collectors. Financial counsellors do not provide loans; instead they provide essential information regarding a person’s financial situation and can assist by providing an array of options for people regarding their situation. Financial counsellors can be mediators between a creditor and their clients, can provide solutions for both parties and identify if breaches have occurred when relating to credit contracts.

ICAN financial counsellors are experienced, qualified and accredited under the QLD State Association of Financial Counselling (Financial Counselling Association of Queensland). The Service employs 11 financial counsellors across its Cairns, Townsville, and Atherton offices.  On-site financial counselling support is also available under ICAN’s outreach services in the Yarrabah and Palm Island Aboriginal communities.  The service is free, independent and confidential.

ICAN’s financial counselling services are funded by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services and the Queensland Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services. The service caters for all people living in Townsville, Cassowary Coast, Cairns, Tablelands, Cape York and the Torres Strait Islands. You can call ICAN on 1800 369 878.

ICAN financial counsellors have extensive knowledge in:

  • Consumer Credit Law
  • Debt enforcement practices
  • Bankruptcy regime
  • Industry hardship policies
  • Government concession frameworks

Would you like to see a Financial Counsellor at ICAN?  Contact us on: 1800 369 878 to book an appointment or fill in our online referral form.

Please download a copy of our client services charter here.

We are located at: 

Cairns: 209 Buchan Street, Bungalow
Townsville: Suite 2, 95 Denham Street, Townsville
Palm Island: Rainbow Gateway Office, Palm Island
Yarrabah: Shop 4, Yarrabah Shopping Centre, Point Road
Atherton: Office 6, Reddan Lane, 82-88 Main Street, Atherton