Thrive Matched Savings Officially Launched

Achieving Financial Goals through Matched Savings 

ICAN is thrilled to announce the launch of its innovative Thrive Matched Savings program, a pioneering initiative designed to empower individuals on their journey towards financial independence. As an organisation committed to fostering financial wellbeing, ICAN introduces this program to not only support savings efforts but also to double the impact of those efforts, up to $500.

The Thrive Matched Savings program is tailored for individuals striving to achieve their financial goals, whether that be saving for a bike, smartphone, or training program. Understanding the challenges many face in reaching their savings targets, ICAN’s Thrive program offers a matching contribution of up to $500 for every dollar saved by participants, effectively doubling their savings.

Comprehensive Financial Coaching for Lasting Impact

Beyond the matched savings, the Thrive Matched Savings program distinguishes itself by providing participants with comprehensive financial coaching. This essential component of the program includes personalized guidance on budgeting, establishing savings plans, and making wise shopping decisions. Our financial experts are dedicated to equipping participants with the knowledge and tools necessary for long-term financial success.

Building a Foundation for Financial Success

“Thrive Matched Savings goes beyond traditional saving methods by not only encouraging individuals to save but also rewarding their efforts and providing them with the skills to manage their finances more effectively,” said Nadine Edwards, Manager at ICAN Thrive. “We believe that financial education and empowerment are key to building a foundation for lasting financial success.”

How to Participate

The Thrive Matched Savings program is now open for enrolment. Interested individuals are encouraged to visit our website for more information and complete the Thrive Contact Form. With limited spots available, early application is advised to secure participation in this transformative program.

About Thrive Financial Services

ICAN Thrive is a leading provider of financial education and empowerment programs, dedicated to helping individuals and families achieve and maintain financial stability. With a range of services designed to address the unique financial challenges of today’s world, ICAN Thrive is committed to making financial success accessible to all.

Find out more

The Thrive team works closely with individuals, community organisations, Indigenous employment and economic development service providers to deliver culturally appropriate and relevant financial education programs. To find out more about ICAN Thrive’s services please email or call: 1800 369 878 or use our Thrive web contact form.