Watch our 2019 Annual Report video here!

ICAN and ICAN Learn’s 2019 Annual Report Video

2019 was another big year for ICAN and our subsidiary registered training organisation ICAN Learn, in moving towards achieving our vision of Empowering Indigenous Consumers and developing the financial counselling and capability sectors. The Annual Report video is a review of our achievements throughout 2019. 

Key highlights from the video and our year include:

  • ICAN’s community engagement and stakeholder partnerships to deliver Yarnin’ Money Days in Yarrabah, Mapoon, Palm Island and Thursday Island.
  • ICAN’s financial counselling service on Palm Island, as part of the services we deliver to support the Palm Island Class Action Settlement Scheme. Noteworthy is the precedent set for ICAN’s financial counselling service, when the Federal Court Judgement allowed for a payment for extended financial counselling services on Palm Island to assist people who were receiving payment under the Settlement Scheme.
  • ICAN’s top five case-types in 2019 included: Debt management, Access to No Interest Loans, Superannuation issues, Contract Disputes and a combination of the above…
  • In 2019, ICAN launched two reports: 
  1. ICAN’s 10-year Anniversary Report – an overview of ICAN’s work in the field(s) of assistance to alleviate consumer detriment, education to make informed consumer choices and consumer advocacy services to highlight and tackle consumer disadvantage experienced by Indigenous peoples.
  2. The Yarnin’ Money Report 2019 – a detailed account of ICAN’s Indigenous financial capability program and methodology for strengths-based learning and community engagement in financial capability training.
  • ICAN Learn celebrated the graduating students of two Victorian programs, 90+ new scholarships and the development of new Trainers to teach the Diploma of Financial Counselling!
  • ICAN commenced development of its Yarnin’ Business, Yarnin’ Jobs program, by undertaking a Canadian study tour to learn about the intersection of financial empowerment programs and employment outcomes. We’re excited to roll out the program in 2020!

Thank you to our Readers, for being a part of the ICAN/ICAN Learn journey in 2019, and we look forward to another great year in 2020. See you in the new year!