Preparing for a National Day of Action

Download links for the #SaveSorryBusiness sign, mobile/tablet images below.

The #SaveSorryBusiness coalition is busy preparing for a National Day of Action to be held on the 28th of March. The coalition wants to highlight the harm caused by ACBF/Youpla, by raising the voices of those who have lost money or who are supporting someone who has. To do that, we need your help.

How can you help? The first this thing you can do is share our National Day of Action campaign video on social media. If you work in an organisation supporting people affected by ACBF/Youpla, you could also share a photo of a client (with permission) or yourself, holding a #SaveSorryBusiness sign, or phone/tablet image by emailing the image to

The #SaveSorryBusiness campaign is really gaining traction, please help by supporting the National Day of Action.  We want the images to demonstrate to government how urgent and widespread this issue is. So grab your sign, take a photo, send it in and be part of the National Campaign!

Poster Download, Mobile Download, or Tablet Download