National action plan set to deliver better outcomes for Indigenous consumers

Consumer issues including car sales, credit and consumer leases headline some of the key priority areas in the National Indigenous Consumer Strategy (NICS) Action Plan 2017–2019.

The three-year plan covers a range of consumer issues affecting Indigenous Australians, as witnessed daily by ICAN’s financial counselling team. ICAN has been an independent member of the National Indigenous Consumer Strategy since 2005 alongside government consumer regulatory members including the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and State Fair Trading/Consumer Affairs agencies.

“The success of the strategy is due to members working together to address issues affecting Indigenous Australians and the fact that identified issues are given priority within each member agency or organisation”, said ICAN CEO, Aaron Davis. “Membership commitment to addressing Indigenous consumer issues has led to a significant number of enforcement actions and community engagement/education initiatives, including the recent Do-Not-Knock Informed Communities Program.”

“ICAN and the people we service throughout North Queensland have benefited greatly from the National Indigenous Consumer Strategy. Building the grass roots capability of financial counselling and capability workers to identify and address consumer issues through engagement with NICS members nationally, should be the greatest challenge and priority moving forward”, said Mr Davis.

On the 1st September 2005, all Australian governments signed a Statement of Commitment for the development and implementation of the inaugural National Indigenous Consumer Strategy Action Plan 2005–10. The Action Plans are revised every four years and have been continued to be implemented in all states and territories and positive progress has been undertaken by all consumer agencies. This Action Plan is the fourth iteration of the ‘Taking action, gaining trust’ National Indigenous Consumer Strategy.

Download 2017 -2019 National Indigenous Consumer Strategy Action Plan here.