Introducing The Yarn

Welcome to our new E-News publication ‘The Yarn’. The Yarn is replacing our existing E-Newsletters and will provide you with a monthly summary of the best stories from our community. For our readers, you will still find the same content that you have subscribed to – we are just streamlining the way we deliver our news, into one monthly roundup.

The Yarn will continue to provide financial well-being sector news, training opportunities and financial counselling, literacy and advocacy stories from around the country.

In 2021, we’re building our YouTube channel ICANTV1; starting with our new series, ‘Out and About with Alex’. In the first episode Alex Price-Busch – our up-and-coming Financial Counsellor – explores how Yarnin’ Money, ICAN’s financial literacy program is supporting a Cairns-based Indigenous/First Nations high school employment program.

If you’d like to see our stories as they happen, please subscribe to our YouTube channel, ICANTV1 and connect with ICAN and ICAN Learn on social media. You can find ICAN on Facebook: icansocial , Twitter: icansocial and LinkedIn: icansocial and ICAN Learn on Facebook: icanlearnAU and LinkedIn: icanlearn