If I could say one thing

eddiecheckoutIf I could say one thing, the video age has well and truly arrived for ICAN. Sharing our story has always been important. The E-News you’re now reading for example has been released every month without fail for more than ten years.

Building a national network that supports Indigenous consumers from a regional center has required an ongoing evaluation of our communications strategy. In recent years ICAN has worked on developing our video production capabilities to the point where we’re now supplying footage and news packages to production companies and television news outlets (see below).

ICAN recently had the opportunity to write and film a short piece for The Checkout’s ‘If I could say one thing’ segment on ABC (see below). ICAN CEO, Aaron Davis explains, “The ability for an organisation to shoot and upload footage into the cloud, then have it used by a news outlet or TV show is mind blowing. This ability has become increasingly important in regional Australia, as mainstream media production budgets have decreased, making travel a luxury.”

“Increased Internet speeds, reduced production gear costs and the rise of social media, including video sharing website YouTube has democratised the world of video production and broadcast, said Mr. Davis. What you would have once spent on a professional promotional or educational video on DVD, you can now get a basic video production kit and editing software/computer and start cranking out hundreds of videos through social media.”

For ICAN the focus isn’t about going ‘viral’, it’s about making content that informs and hopefully entertains our community. ‘Tried speed dating? How about debt dating?’ created by the Financial Rights Legal Centre in this months E-News, is a great example of this.

“I believe the Australian financial counselling and consumer advocacy community has come along way in producing great content, it just needs to do better job now at sharing our messages through the collective power of our organisational and employee social networks”, said Mr. Davis

ICAN’s video facility will be in full swing over the coming year, producing education and promotional videos for our Yarnin’ Money financial literacy program and our newly developed registered training organisation ICAN Learn. “We are only just scratching the surface of possibilities in this space and are exploring opportunities to work with other organisations to produce engaging content”, said Mr. Davis.