ICAN Learn a shared vision

web_graphicICAN is pleased to announce the launch of ICAN Learn, our registered training organisation (RTO). The milestone is the realisation of a dream shared at opposite ends of Australia’s east coast. It was our  vision to create an RTO dedicated to the professional development and advancement of the national financial counselling, capability and resilience sectors.

“As a specialist organisation, it has always been vital that our community receives the best quality service in these areas”, explained Aaron Davis, ICAN CEO. ICAN’s model of training, supervision and professional development is central to our success and industry recognition.”ICAN Learn will replicate this model in its training delivery,” said Mr. Davis.

Bernadette Pasco, formerly of the Financial and Consumer Rights Council (FCRC),  joined ICAN in 2016 to lead the development of ICAN Learn. Ms. Pasco was instrumental in introducing the industry qualification, ongoing professional supervision and development for financial counselling in Victoria.

“My passion and driving force over the last 10 years has been the professionalisation of the financial counselling sector,” said Bernadette, ICAN Learn’s Executive Officer. “I firmly believe that the training and professional development of our sector is crucial in making a greater impact in the communities we service.”

Building on success

ICAN Learn is Australia’s first registered training organisation ‘social enterprise’ solely devoted to the national financial counseling, capability and resilience sectors.

“The enduring partnership between ICAN and Commonwealth Bank has been vital to ICAN Learn’s development,” said Mr. Davis.”Together we have delivered three Diploma programs for Indigenous people seeking to become qualified financial counsellors.”

“Our Mentorship Program is an example of best practice for the development of financial counsellors, because the model combines study with practical application in the workplace and professional supervision,” said Mr Davis.

“I recognised that ICAN and the Mentorship program shared my vision of providing the best possible training outcomes,” said Ms. Pasco.

“The blending of e-learning, peer-to-peer training and workplace mentoring delivered by experienced financial counsellors and sector specialists, develops workplace confidence based in experience, knowledge and support.”

“The vision we share for ICAN Learn is to: Educate. Learn. Empower. Lead,” said Ms. Pasco.

ICAN Learn would like to thank Commonwealth Bank, Deloitte, the University of Queensland’s MBA SEEP Program and Gilbert & Tobin Lawyers for supporting the development of this innovative social enterprise.

Profits made by ICAN Learn will go towards the provision of financial counseling, capability and consumer advocacy services in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

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