Focus on Professional Development

developmentWith 20 plus years financial counselling experience, ICAN Business Development Manager Jon O’Mally has been integral to the professional development of ICAN’s financial counselling team. “Jon’s vast knowledge of debt collection processes, consumer credit legislation, bankruptcy and providing options has been so important in my own professional development,” explained Unaisi Buli – ICAN Financial Counsellor. Now as President of the Financial Counselling Association of Queensland (FCAQ), Mr. O’Mally is focused on raising the bar of financial counselling service delivery throughout the state.

Over 95% of FCAQ members attended Professional Development training in either Cairns or Brisbane earlier this month. The recent 2-day professional development workshop held at Paradise Palms in Cairns included sessions presented by the Office of Fair Trading, Energy & Water Ombudsman, Legal Aid Queensland, Victims Assist, SPER and a special presentation by Mr. O’Mally on the Forgotten Duty of Care, ‘looking after oneself’. “I really enjoyed the session on ‘Forgotten Duty of Care, as we get so caught up in our clients/work that sometimes we forget about ourselves and just need that reminder to take care of our own mental health,” said Bettina Addo, ICAN Financial Counselling & Capability Services Manager.

“Access to Professional Development opportunities enables financial counsellors in Queensland to continually increase their skill set,” said Mr. O’Mally. “It is FCAQ’s responsibility to ensure our members have access to professional development opportunities so they can meet their accreditation requirements. FCAQ will work closely with affiliate member organisations to ensure our members are being fully supported as practicing financial counsellors.”

When questioned about FCAQ’s other strategic priorities over the coming year, Mr. O’Mally stated, “We will continue working with the QLD Government on their action plan for the delivery of financial capability and resilience services, build a stronger membership base and promote our services through social media and contribution to national campaigns.”