Financial mentor service launched in Cairns

Yarnin’ Money Mentor: Service Launch

We are thrilled to announce our new initiative that embodies our commitment to empowering First Nations People and fostering financial wellbeing. The Yarnin’ Money Mentor program is a comprehensive service that offers vital support, knowledge, and guidance to help individuals take control of their financial futures.

Yarnin’ Money: A Catalyst for Financial Empowerment

Our primary goal is to equip First Nations People with the tools they need to make informed financial choices, build their financial literacy skills, and bolster their confidence in managing their finances. Yarnin’ Money mentor services are entirely free, independent, and held in the strictest confidence.

Yarnin’ Money Mentors: Trusted Support

At the heart of the Yarnin’ Money Mentor program, you will find our dedicated team of First Nations Yarnin’ Money Mentors. These individuals are more than just financial mentors; they are trusted allies on your financial wellbeing journey. Here’s how they can provide invaluable assistance:

  1. Improving Financial Relationships: Our Yarnin’ Money Mentors are skilled in helping individuals understand their financial behaviours, developing healthier mindsets around money, and strengthening overall relationships with finances.
  2. Budgeting and Goal Setting: The team works with participants to create personalised budgets tailored to their unique circumstances. Additionally, our mentors assist in setting realistic financial goals, and providing a clear roadmap to financial success.
  3. Thrive Matched Savings Program: Saving money effectively can be a challenge, but our Thrive Matched Savings Program is designed to make this endeavour more accessible, allowing participants to watch their savings grow over time.
  4. SPER Debt Management: By making this life changing step, participants can reduce SPER (State Penalty Enforcement Registry) debts by $50 for every hour spent with the service.
  5. Utilities and Bills Assistance: Yarnin’ Money offers guidance on how to navigate issues related to internet, telephone, gas, electricity, and water bills, enabling participants to manage these essential services more efficiently.
  6. Understanding Financial Rights and Responsibilities: Financial literacy is key, and our mentors ensure that participants are well-informed about their financial rights and responsibilities in all their financial dealings.
  7. Accessing Credit Files: Participant credit files play a pivotal role in their financial life. Yarnin’ Money Mentors can assist participants in obtaining their credit files, helping them track their financial history and make improvements where needed.
  8. Referrals to Complementary Services: In some instances, additional support may be required. Yarnin’ Money mentors offer warm referrals to other services that complement our support, ensuring a holistic approach to participants’ financial wellbeing.


ICAN’s Yarnin’ Money service is a beacon of hope for First Nations People seeking to take control of their financial wellbeing. With a dedicated team of Yarnin’ Money Mentors, we offer support to build the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed financial choices. The team believes that everyone has the right to financial freedom, and our mentor services are here to help.

ICAN Yarnin’ Money Mentor, Aimee Williams, said, “We hope people embrace our Yarnin’ Money mentor service, so we can open their path to financial wellbeing, confidence, and a brighter future. We encourage mob to get in touch with us today and start their journey towards financial empowerment.”