– Junk insurance and rubbish warranties

Supplied by our friends at  Consumer Action Law Centre could help you get money back from junk insurance and rubbish warranties for you or your clients.

What are we talking about? The process usually works like this:


Your client gets a loan, credit card or buys a car.


They speak with a salesperson and choose what you want to buy.


At the end of the sale process, they salesperson might suggest they add insurance or a warranty that they might not need or want. It’s kind of like asking, ‘Do you want fries with that?’.


The salesperson usually gets paid extra for each ‘add-on’ product they sell (a commission).
These commissions can be up to 70 or 80% of the insurance or warranty.

What’s the problem?

We see people spending thousands of dollars on insurance and warranties they don’t need or want. When it’s added to their finance, they get charged interest on top.

In some cases, people have been sold insurance they’re not even eligible to claim on. In others cases, people don’t even know they’ve bought an add-on.

What does do? is designed to make it easy for people to ask for their money back for consumer credit insurance, gap insurance and used car extended warranties. It has information about the products and the processes. There is also a form that asks the user questions and the website spits out a letter you can send to your insurer or warranty provider to ask for your money back.

What you can do

Check loan documents or credit card statements to see if your client was sold extra insurance or warranties that they didn’t know about or don’t need. Jump onto to find out more and to demand a refund!

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Victorian financial counsellors can also call Consumer Action’s worker advice line on:
(03) 9602 3326.