Yarnin’ Money Wheel

Yarnin’ Money developer and facilitator, Eddie Buli explains what the Yarnin’s Money Wheel is and how it’s used in ICAN’s ground breaking financial literacy program Yarnin’ Money.

Yarnin’ Money in Financial Counselling

Yarnin’ Money developer and facilitator, Jon O’Mally explains the Yarnin’ aspect of the financial literacy program and how activities in it can be used in a financial counselling context.

Breaking Ground

Short documentary on the first national Indigenous Financial Counselling Mentorship Program and the graduates that are making a difference in their own communities. Find out more at http://ican.org.au/programs .

Remote Community Banking

ICAN’s Remote Community Banking video was created to inform the banking industry about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander banking issues and provide community development principles for financial inclusion and economic development projects.

Bring Your Bills Day

Bring Your Bills Day at the Atherton Health and Well Being Expo was the first stop in the Far North Queensland NILS Network consumer outreach visits.

Financial Storm

The short documentary “Financial Storm” highlights the role that financial counselling plays after a natural disaster and promotes the need for continued assistance in the Cassowary Coast region of Far North Queensland two years… Read more »