ICAN Media Facility

ICAN features an in-house media facility that specialises in producing television, print, radio and electronic media. ICAN also offers multimedia training and services to Indigenous organisations and communities. Call ICAN at: 1300 369 878 or (07) 4031 1073 for more information.¬†Click on the link below to hear a mix of advertisements, promoting ICAN’s services in the Torres Strait.

ICAN Radio Promo – Torres Strait Islands

The video below was created for Financial Counselling Australia to promote financial counselling services to the broader Australian community. ICAN has embraced the use of social media sites like Youtube and Facebook to promote the organisation.

Donation - Support ICAN

With the vision of Empowering Indigenous Consumers, the Indigenous Consumer Assistance Network Ltd (ICAN) provides consumer education, advocacy and financial counselling services.


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